Where She Stands

Quality Public Education

Supporting innovative tax reform that will both fully fund our public schools and reduce property taxes because our children deserve a quality education without it breaking the bank for their parents and neighbors.

This is something we have to do because simply capping property tax increases does nothing more than defund our public schools and we can not let that happen because education is a right, not a gift that is given to some and not others. 


Expanding Resources

Promoting affordable community and multi-family housing and encouraging growth of and support for small businesses.

Addressing the need for healthcare providers and facilities, as well as expanding access to mental health resources.

Not shying away from tough topics such as the drug addiction crisis so many of our friends and family are facing, the need to legalize marijuana, or the need to reform our prison system. 


Empowering Rural Communities

Supporting legislation to empower our rural communities by emphasizing economic security for our small businesses, farmers and ranchers, and the residents of our district. 

Promoting our environment and regenerative agriculture to protect our district for the next generation.

Improving our infrastructure to maintain our communities. Maintaining roads, bridges, and transportation to support our rural economy. Expanding access to broadband to keep us connected.